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Uchiha Squid Game! (naruto vrchat)

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today The Uchiha and his friends take on the biggest thing on the internet right now, the Squid Game and turn it into the greatest anime of all time with your favorite Naruto Voice Actors doing Impressions in VRChat like Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, Hinata and more!

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Uchiha Squid Game! (naruto vrchat)


  1. he said white itachi.. Bitch itachi is not white he is Japanese

  2. can i be in with you (i think lexayt or lexalunix or lexaytfn)

  3. Can you do naruto with a susano sense you dose naruto with rennigan

  4. I like how they were being racist the whole time lmao

  5. I didn’t know what skin we’re you till you said dozo stole your eye

  6. itachi definintly would win reply if you get it

  7. Hey Vezyoo,
    I wanted to ask you in you Guys Van Make a Sasunaru ( Sasuke x Naruto) Video plz?
    I think it would be Really cool🤗😅

  8. What’s this game called I know it’s squid game but what game is it in?

  9. I know why black itachi fell in that one game: He used the word ''nobe'' instead of ''kobe'' so he fell

  10. Why y’all making jokes that are kinda racist to black people that is not cool

  11. Youtube Before squid game: normal 10 year algorithm
    Youtube after squid game: RELEASE THE HORD

  12. YouTube I'm black and I give him permission to say all the shit that he said

  13. The video is good but there one thing vez is missing… Itachi's theme song

  14. “He went left because i have no rights” vezy videos are funny😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. He went left because I have no rights omg lol

  16. The boruto voice really fits obits really well.

  17. Why dose he never make racist jokes around sanji btw(idc if it’s a joke it’s not ur race so don’t say slurs or make comments on it)


  19. Idk if anyone says it but what if vezypoo is kakashi

  20. Wait who's Vezypoo looks like what kind of Uchiha is using?

  21. Vezypoo where the hell is shusui you know who I talking

  22. My favourite thing is that black Itachi is taller than white Itachi

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