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Top 10 Best and Worst Naruto Games
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Top 10 Best and Worst Naruto Games
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Naruto is one of the most popular animes ever created, so naturally, a plethora of video games where you can play as the iconic ninja have surfaced over the years. With so many games, it can be hard to weed out the really engaging titles, but fear not, because we’ve done it for you! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best and Worst Naruto Games!

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List Entires & Rank:
#5 WORST: “Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles”
#5 BEST: “Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja
#4 WORST: “Naruto Shippuden 3D: The New Era”
#4 BEST: “Naruto: The Broken Bond”
#3 WORST: “Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Council 4”
#3 BEST: “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5”
#2 WORST: “Naruto Shinobi No Sato No
Jintori Kassen”
#2 & #1 Best & Worst: ???

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  1. I miss Ubisoft Naruto games. If broken bond had more characters which would’ve added to the story and made it better it’d be perfect. Just my opinion.

  2. Let's admit it. Ninja Council 2 was at it's worst peak.

  3. I want to punch him cuz he says shippuden so dumb

  4. I was having trouble finding ultimate ninja 5 on the ps2 and one day i went to the store and the dude had bought a random pack of games to sell and UN4 was there. So i said to the guy "man if that was UN5 i would buy it". So the guy hands over the case to me and says "open it", UN5 disk was inside. Dude gave me for free saying he was not going to sell it since was wrong game in wrong case. Lucky me^^

  5. Naruto ninja impact is awesome I love it when Sasuke was fighting the 1000 shinobi's love the song

  6. Ok this sucks there should have been shinobi striker

  7. We need a:

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja collection of the PS2 games (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes collection of the PSP games

    Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations x Revolution (remastered port of the two games)

    Naruto Clash of Ninja & Ninja Revolution compilation

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai & Budokai Tenkaichi compilation

  8. Agreed..Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles was absolute $hit. I remember buying that day one and it bit. I hated it. From that point on, I've approached Naruto games with caution. I will have to agree with your list, though.

  9. I played the broken bond when it came out as a kid, super happy that I found it Again

  10. Lol I never heard of any of the worst naruto games before. Thank god I only played the good ones!

  11. So here, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 and Generations were best, Revolution and 4 are worst and 2 and 3 are like meh so yeah, and now I will say why.

    NSUNS1 had a good story, it was always fun to play and had all those mini-games, you just couldn't get bored when playing it, and also it had that jutsu clash thing that no other game in the storm series had.

    Generations are just awesome, same as NSUNS1 but with Online Battle Mechanics and it had more characters than NSUNS1 so it is kinda better bad thing its that it doesn't have jutsu clash but okay

    Revolution, can we never talk about this game? It's just EW, counter is cancerous as hell, bad gameplay. It's just the worst and most hated storm game ever made and now we are here, probably the best part of this comment that everyone waited for… "why is naruto storm 4 bad, dude kill yourself like wtf???" is the question probably everyone will reply, but Naruto Storm 4 is good just cause of its graphics and that's legit it, it was abusive as hell, there are some CANCEROUS characters (I'm not saying there are no Cancerous Chars in other storm games, I'm just saying there are really really cancerous characters), also it was bad like Revolutions but a bit better cause of its graphics and good free battles, like legit I don't get people that say "Storm 4 is last and best NARUTO STORM GAME EVER", no, it's not good, not at all, reason why people love this game is cause it has most characters and stuff that every other have but they are just stupid, there are some other reasons why it is worst, it has bunch of reasons and I can talk about them like whole day but I'm just here to tell people which games are best and what should they play, so we came to second part, first part with online battle and part with best story that was hella good to play, congrats for making story, it was very good. That's why its meh, other stuff is kinda okay, and the last part is third and I don't have much to say about this part, It's just good and It's like the second part but it has better mechanics and more chars, It was part I played the most, and my favorite part but if we look like this, It's not good as Generations and NSUNS1. That's it, now share your hatred to me!

  12. Does anyone of you guys remember the Naruto game in which the loading screen had Kakashi reading his "book" ? What was its name ?

  13. You've got to be kidding me, jintori no sato jintori gassen is great. I have no idea what you're talking about, no depth? Maybe if you don't know Japanese enough to know what you're doing. Of course it looks like it would be free to play nowadays, it's a ps1 game from 2003!!! I played the shit out of this game when I was a kid and everytime I get a hold of it again it's a blast.

  14. In my opinion the naruto ultimate ninja storm games are the best

  15. i downloaded game naruto ultimate ninja 5 and when i open setup and writing password is not opening
    who knows how to fix?

  16. I like how they said only 1 game per series yet used more than 1 game per series.

  17. These ate indeed the best and worst Naruto games

  18. I can Guess That The Storm Series Is the Best TOp1

  19. Is it just me or is Naruto Rise of a Ninja not on this list?

  20. Rise of a Ninja and Broken Bond are prty decent as far as licenced games go. I'd recommend them both.

  21. Wait I’m confused.
    Is the higher the worst ranks would that mean it’s more worst than the last?
    Okay what I’m trying to say is…
    So for example, for rank 5 and rank 1 worst would that mean 5 is worst than 1 cause it’s further back or is 1 worse because that’s how ranks work?

  22. I have the best PlayStation everyone will love me:

    Ps1 and ps2

  23. Storm 4/boruto: new cool Awesome villains and heroes

  24. Watchmojo did a better review of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 the IGN did lol.😂

  25. Putting the Naruto Dynasty Warriors PSP clone above the Naruto Blade Chronicles Monster Hunter Wii clone, citing the latter being faulted for its endless monotonous and simplistic repetition of engaging against constant enemy clones while that very description matches the former is a weird take.

    Well at least Blade Chronicles finally showed Naruto actually having a sword like a Ninja should as well as proper ninja outfit lol

  26. I actually really liked Uzamaki Chronicles as a kid :/ I kind of want to play to again to see if still do

  27. naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 is awesome
    other than because shisui's in it

  28. The Ultimate Ninja series on the PS2 was the best.

  29. Storm 2 is my favourite game. Story mode was too good.

  30. 2d games need to be banned by now unless they’re fighting plus they need to be high quality

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