This Naruto Game BLEW MY MIND -

This Naruto Game BLEW MY MIND

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Ranking All Naruto Games. Today we’re looking at my childhood.




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  1. Oh my god I got a flashback of gambling in this game….

  2. Ultimate ninja 3 is the best. Where else you can teach Naruto to use Chidori and let Sasuke cast Rasengan? Not to mention that both Sasuke and Kakashi basically go Shang Tsung whenever they activate Sharingan.

  3. Man, I am loving these series Globku! Keep em coming! Naruto as an entire franchise is my childhood, my first anime (and my favorite one) my first video game on the PS2 and now, it's also my first time seeing someone else spending his time to talk about them, I really appreciate it, Naruto is such a special series man.

  4. I hope he ranks naruto shippuden gekitou ninja taisen special. It’s the last Clash of Ninja game that never came out in the west.

  5. Ultimate Ninja 3 was a huge part of my childhood as well! My brother got the first one and it was ok. Then a few years later he bought the Japanese version and he ended up getting all the characters and we played the hell out of it! Good times!

  6. So you just going to skip jutsu clashing in ultimate ninja 3 ?😪

  7. I loved Ultimate Ninja 3 as a kid I used thisand DBZ Budokai 3 and it was really fun.

  8. Ultimate ninja 3 up there with tenkiaichi 3!!! Straight classic!! Dope specials

  9. Still casually waiting him to talk about Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 4

  10. The most annoying thing that Tomy did around the Wii era of the clash of Ninja games, were removing characters or entire sequels in order to not spoil us at the time. While The Japanese version (gekitou ninja taisen) had everything 😭

  11. I remember being a manga reader when my friends were anime only. They kept asking why I gave Konohamaru Rasengan XD

  12. Me: When are you gonna do Clash of Ninja: Revoluti-
    Globku: OBSERVE

  13. The free roam in Ultimate Ninja 3 is what makes me dislike the Adventure Mode in Storm 4 so much. They did the story so well but Adventure mode feels restrictive and bland

  14. Military Grade… that was the best joke i heard all day


  16. I remember trying to get all of the characters into the hot springs during the crystal festival mode lol. Ultimate ninja 3 was really god tier fr, that was the first game I played where all 5 Hokage were playable

  17. Maaan… someone who played UN3 with friends for hours on end woulnd't put the game under Rise of a Ninja hahaha I think the fun potential in UN3 was simply far, far greater.

  18. My friend gave me his ps2 with Naruto ultimate ninja 3, and that was how I got into Naruto and my love of anime in general

  19. I hope to see what you think of CoNR2.

  20. Ultimate Ninja is the one and only cause it has freaking drunk fist Lee mode. The animation of his is sick and you can actually feel the craziness Kimimaro felt during the fight with him

  21. What about ninja taisen(clash of ninja) 3 and 4? 4 was my favorite naruto game before the storm series came out

  22. man naruto ultimate ninja 3 was my childhood omg a legendary game

  23. I played all these games, they were balanced as long as you ignored ults. The ults were broken but aside from that good matches could be had. Also the characters did not all play the same, I dunno. Nostalgia maybe but we had some epic contests in these games. I mean, I didn't know there were infinite combos so maybe we just sucked.

  24. Im so sorry .u don't understand how to play clash of ninja if u think the substitution justu is inconsistent. I think your controller is broken haha .i can choose to sub in front or back or attack or just disappear lol

  25. You can catch pakkun in ultimate ninja 3

  26. Ultimate ninja 3 is way better than rise of a ninja

  27. "the obstacles mostly got in the way" yes… thats what makes them obstacles…

  28. ultimate ninja 4 was also a very fun and personally a somewhat improved platform story mode imo but they removed the wall runs 🙁

  29. When Narutimate Hero 3 and Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 came out in the holiday season of 2005 in Japan, I bought both games. Definitely did not disappoint. NH3 is were the series really started to expand on the battle system and expand on the mechanics from the prior entries. The story mode although abridged was very good with lots of awesome cutscenes. The adventure mode where you collect crystals was really fun with what you can do like with minigames and the like. NH3 is one the best entries in the Narutimate/Ultimate Ninja series.

    Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 was a huge improvement from GNT3. Battle system was further improved with the inclusion of Y-cancelling, which allowed characters to do combos that where not possible before. Definitely one of the best entries.

  30. Globku forgot about clash animations for ultimate ninja 3 which was the only one of its kind to have this animation

  31. I so want an Insomniac made free-roaming Naruto game
    Naruto PS4

  32. Clash of ninja revolution is how I got into anime because I played it when I was kid

  33. Need me a naruto fighterZ
    And a bleach game like the storm series

  34. clash of ninja did techchbically have sequels in japan but i think they were more a sequel to clash of ninja 2 and no clash of nin revolution if that makes sense

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