The Naruto Game That Broke Me -

The Naruto Game That Broke Me

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Ranking All Naruto Games. Today we’re looking at Ninja Council 3 and Path of the Ninja





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  1. when you get to shippuden make sure you don't forget nsun revolution, it was made in between storm 3 and storm 4. People often forget about it

  2. It was the first game my parents got me when they got me a ds and I thought it was fun 😂

  3. I've ended ninja council 3 when I have 8…the last level was the only good one with the naruto(Kyubi)vs Sasuke(uhh…forgot the form name)

  4. Ninja Council 3 Sakura has a full heal. There goes any difficulty

  5. I want to see your ranking on Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles

  6. I actually loved this game as a little kid lol

  7. "you guys remember the snake arc?"
    Well I mean Orochimaru…

  8. I didn't know this was a series until now tbh but I'm really darn excited to see your thoughts on naruto gekitou ninja taisen 4! I also just want that game to have some more exposure cause I think it's really cool personally

  9. Man… u actually got to rank b. I didn’t want to go past c

  10. Still no Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 yet…

  11. Snake with sharingan: yeah whatever
    Spider with sharingan: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  12. Bro, ninja council 2 was the shit. Loved that shit as a kid, replayed it last month

  13. Well ! Looks like my first Naruto game is the worst Naruto game ever made !

    To be honest, was kind of expecting it though. I didn't even bother to finish the D rank missions when I got it. Really was fucking boring.

  14. The spider uchiha oh yea he was my favorite character

  15. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst is the best Naruto game ever, period.
    Play the storymode it's even better than the actual anime.

  16. I played Council 3's JP port Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 4 and… While it's still the same bad game… It's got a lot of extra content! It covers all of the Naruto anime with more characters and stuff and that really motivated me to unlock everything. Was kinda fun and I recommend playing that instead of the US release. Or just play a better game, lol

  17. holy shit ninja council 3! i love that game as a kid

  18. How do u put the worst game in tier B, talk about trash taste in games

  19. The PS2 series of 2d naruto fighters was clearly the best for competitive play. Just no ults.

  20. You probably should play the broken bond. I loved that game as a child

  21. Man I remember playing this game years ago on the Ds. Brings back memories man. Not good ones but still

  22. Yikes I used to play this game so much. I only liked choosing the 1v1 fights because those were fun.

  23. Honestly, I remember Path of the Ninja 2 being pretty damn good

  24. those clothes are overpriced to say it in a nice way

  25. I really loved NC3 I played a ton of it as a kid, later my best buddy at the time bought it too and we had so much fun.

    Indeed the are differences between characters. Some are slow and jump so low (sasuke), others are in the middle like neji and then there are the high speed and high jump ones like Itachi.

    But yeah now in 2021 the game is so trash tier 😂 but I hold it dear.

  26. Shoutouts to that time Sasuke walked up to Zaku and punched him in the dick three times.

  27. H8 Council 3. Would rather play Destiny.

  28. Ninja Council 3, or how I, a european pleb is calling it, Ninja Council, because it was the first comming to Europe

  29. yes we all remember the generic snake and spider arc it was the best arc

  30. the 100 enemies has to be the worst one, or maybe the kill 20 bats in the volcanic setting. I don't know how I beat this game as a kid

  31. Damn I remember loving Ninja Council 3. Looking at it now, it looks kinda infuriating. I understand why you're ranking it low but I am disappointed that a childhood game isn't as good as I remember it.

  32. Is it just me or have I seen that spider somewhere?

  33. That gaint spider with the Sharingan was … honestly kinda scary.

  34. I'm so ashamed Ninja Council 3 was my first Naruto game…

  35. My ds is scarred from countless rounds of ninja council

  36. I had learned that apperently they cut alot of stuff from the english release of Uzumaki Chronicles, mostly to avoid spoilers, which is also why the rasengan was renamed to power strike, because the english dub hadn't reached that point yet

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