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Today I am checking out the brand new fan-made Naruto open world game that is currently in development by “Osiris”! Check out the links below to try it out for yourself and support the creator!
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  1. Squidward Misundestands the Internet says:

    What about slugfest x?

  2. I'm watching this video on the same laptop that is show at 0:11. It caught me off guard lol

  3. isnt that narutos most powerful form and hes that weak in this game -slow claps?

  4. i wish this was build last year i really want to play it

  5. would 1000% buy this once it's polished

  6. This should be a collab with tokyo tv for rights and made into the official game…would love to see the creator as a part of Project shinobi

  7. These the same people who teased what turned out to be dbzk?

  8. Mans looked at the controls and still didn't re-map them smh

  9. PC specks required minimum
    Rtx 4090
    1289 GB ram
    100 tb ssd
    1000000 tb hdd
    Thank me later

  10. man I'd pay so much for a completed game like this !!!

  11. hmm feels like a lot of ripped assets from Namco Games? that's gonna get a cease and desist order if it gets big enough.

  12. i hope it works but naruto took down a roblox game for copyright so idk

  13. I need this game in my life with a similar progression system to Skyrim

  14. If this project had help from Bandai and creators of nioh omg 😳

  15. Can I tea bag him? Nah he deserves more respect than that. 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Kakashi: "Alright! For your 2nd mission we are hunting down Kaguya!"

  17. how do i fix this if i open the game tutorial it is stuck on black screen even if i wait hours it still wont work and if i go to task manager it says not responding

  18. Awesome game I hope it gets places. However, do your homework before showcasing a game.

  19. Remember me I will make the first naruto game ever

  20. Wait…. 8 paths naruto??? Why does he have 8 path balls instead of 6?

  21. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura graduate and become Genin
    Kakashi: "Alright team, for our first mission, we're gonna hunt Itachi Uchiha"

    Sasuke: "yay"

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