Playing the NEWEST Naruto Game!!! -

Playing the NEWEST Naruto Game!!!

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► Intro Song – Odece – Betrayal. (Attack on Titan Remix)

► Outro Song – Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Ending 2 – Chikatto Chika Chikattsu [TEGRA39 Remix]


  1. Bro someone plz hit me up so we can play ninja storm best it’s so hard to find a match

  2. The game could be good dammit….just needs some….some work….dammit

  3. Can someone game share this game with me please on Xbox??

  4. When you played shinobi strikers since release date and Moe got your hopes up and made you think it was a NEW Naruto game

  5. Moe:imma play a new Naruto game that has been out for 8 months.

    Subs: oh another new Naruto game

    Moe: wassup guys I'm playing shinobi striker


  6. Fuck you and Yo click bait you Bitch ass nigga

  7. Moe : Gets bodied by someone whos actually better then him

    Moe : whAt iS wRonG wiTh tHis GaMe?!

  8. The thumbnail is from NarutoXBoruto ninja voltage on mobile, its not that bad but it leans more to pay2win

  9. Did anyone get that commercial with manscape,it’s weird.😑

  10. Tell me why I think this intro he got is the best out of all his intros

  11. Shinobi striker is ass lmao, make a new storm game lmao

  12. saucegay stole all the tail beast powers including some of narutos chakra just to beat him an STILL FAIL

  13. Maybe naruto games need a dragon ball fighterz treatment

  14. Did anyone else hear the voice crack at 9:29 when he said flag

  15. You know I still don't get why this wasn't made mobile

  16. When I when on the video I knew it was a old game XD

  17. Love this man and his videos (No Homo Of Course.)

  18. The defence type used mitotic regeneration

  19. When I go In the description it says naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4

  20. A MUSOU stled game with Naruto characters would be cooler..maybe next fanfict game with other Shonen heroes could be more like Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

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