New Naruto Open World Game for PS4 & Xbox One -

New Naruto Open World Game for PS4 & Xbox One

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Namco Bandai has expressed interest in making an Open World Next Gen Naruto game! What do YOU think about this?! Namco said they would do it if the fans wanted it so LIKE this video!

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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Next Gen
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 On PS4
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 On Xbox One
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PS4
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Xbox One
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Playstation 4
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 On Playstation 4
Will Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 be on PS4
Will Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 be on Playstation 4
Will Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 be on Xbox One


  1. Played skyrim on 360 and saw a naruto mod, also the warlock class in destiny shows somethings are capable …open world naruto would be good, id like to create my own ninja tho, and choose to rouge,

    just a thought, why isnt sonic a racing game like car first person car games, and why not a naruto type game but FPS style? just a thought …

    or even Storm8 Ninja brought to 3d,

  2. and use jutsu on outside missions and battles would be fun too!

  3. Like I could attack a village and the ninjas guards come after me, if I kick ass, stronger ones come. Still can't beat you? Then you get a face off with that villages kage win become kage don't, and you die. Attack more than two villages all the lands rise up against your newly conquered land.with PERMANENT area damage, and village npcs that start a repair process that take real days like one day to repair a village. Add a moral gauge based on you deeds that changes the way people treat you. add clan marriage and such and you guys will go out with a bang

  4. I just want an open world Naruto game following the series. I'm not asking for much

  5. I have ps vita and I would LOVE to not only have the psp naruto games but all the other naruto titles from the Playstation network able to download on my Ps Vita.

  6. If they have it follow the whole anime (naruto & naruto shippuden), have the same soundtrack and arpg battle system with character progression, full voice acting in both English and Japanese audio, the option to change characters mid battle and a seamless open world like skyrim meets witcher 3 kind of deal then I would be in heaven.

  7. I honestly want an open world naruto game that focuses on naruto meaning the only character you have is naruto so it won't be too much but considering the fact that the anime has a map of the naruto world i think it would be possible to make a whole map for it.

  8. I want them to make a Dragonball Xenoverse like game, but more open world. So you can either pick a character and start from their village or make your own and pick a village. Start as a Genin and do missions until you qualify for Chunin and do the same until you reach the Jonin level. This would be the best game EVER! IMO

  9. I want this game but for Xbox 360. I don't have Xbox one and I won't be getting it since my brother wants to hog it.

  10. I just want to be able to create my own character, by some miracle be able to have dark shade style jutsu's, and Kakashi as my sensei. I don't care about what village I come from or what clan as long as I can just have those 3 things. X)

    But seriously, character creation alone would make me very happy.

  11. I wish there is one piece open world games where i can choose to become marine, pirate, government or revolutionary. And start out my journey as pirates and maybe get a ship and travel around the world finding treasure and devil fruits power. Also there will be skill trees in which we can develop like cooking, navigating the ship, and many more. I hope one day maybe after one piece ends there will be games like this to start my own journey. Maybe we can have world tournament fighting for Admiral or Yonkou spots. I think it will be pretty cool, i want to make this come truth one day if no one do it.

  12. Tbh, they need to make a Naruto based RPG with character creation sorta like Dragon Ball Xenoverse, But it'd be better with the Naruto universe, with full out open world and everything like that with the small details of what your character is ( such as an expert at taijustu like Rock Lee etc) also what type of element they use ( Water, fire +) little details like this will make it more aesthetic, what'd be even better is picking your village and if you want which clan your character comes from such as Hidden leaf village having The Aburame clan and Uchiha clan<<< but in the end, As long as they bring out a Naruto RPG with a heavily detailed open world with new aspects and able to go to other villages in the naruto universe I'll be satisfied and I hope others will be too. ~Fuyun

  13. they should make storm 4 like naruto broken bond because in naruto broken bond the open world of insanely AWESOME.

  14. I would love an open world Naruto game with character creation it should take you all the way from Orochimaru to all the way to to Tobi and beyond they should make it where you can level your character up and have you choose out of 5 villages forging your own story to let you work your way up to Hokage that would be dope instead of making it a fighting game it should be more of like star oceans game play online coop mode add tell me that would be dope but it shouldn't let you be better than Naruto Sasuke Killer Bee in a few other characters should let you choose what type of chakra use wind fire earth water

  15. it's possible this is still a thing after all storm in and of it's self is a mostly fighting game. for an open world we need a different type of game.

  16. in naruto ultimate ninja 3 we can climb the walls jump on the houses the movements was good in the open world but it was small
    in the storm 4 it's not like that it's sad…
    (sorry for english)

  17. I would like a mix of gta sandbox style and assassins creed style sandbox for a naruto game

  18. I would like a completely open world Naruto game where you start by making your own character and select what clan you want him to be in. Of course this means the uchiha and all others. Then start at the academy and work your way up. Then you can go do missions and stuff or become a rogue ninja and even join the akasuki. It's all up to the player. I would love that.

  19. id like to have an open world rpg, where one can customise ones character, and is able to get jutsus, that no one else has, for instance, change in chacra form and nature, an then be allowed to change and add new things, like form the jutsu yourself.
    the game should be in 3rd person, although, id like it even more if it were first person. the fights should be fast paced, for instance like call of duty, but have the same ingame mechanics as world of warcraft has. the looks of the game, should stay animated, like those anime games, where it actually looks exactly like in the anime.

  20. make an open world game of naruto like prototype..

  21. Naruto should have a my ninja mode so you can create your own ninja nbs will be fun

  22. Definitely would love a open world naruto shippuden game sounds bad ass !!!

  23. If namco are interested then their should be a petition. If enough ppl sign it, perhaps they would be more interested

  24. Just thinking about all the side quest possibilities. Like a sidequest to throw paint all over the leaf village like naruto does in the anime, or pervy sage sidequests which result in him getting a glimpse into some dressing rooms lol. They could definitely make naruto work as a open world rpg. Though would be quite difficult designing the world i imagine

  25. I would like to see an open world naruto but keep the fighting and add some fighters that use earth style instead of a bunch of diffent costume dlcs

  26. the next Naruto game that you make you have got to make the Awakening full Naruto Sasuke and all the other characters playable make them playable and give them their own ultimate attacks and I don't mean just that but all the Boss characters ultimate Attacks too

  27. we sould say we want a open world and new things added

  28. i like the idea about open world but walking and getting to certain places will take a while

  29. I want an open world game with character customization

  30. i have dragon ball and Naruto ninja storm 4  OmegaPro please chat to me back

  31. Open world/rpg Naruto with custom character would be amazing!!!!! This NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

  32. i want to play again Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
    but where can I get buy/download the PC Version?????
    please help
    is there even a PC version?

  33. I like itachi more than I like madara cause he is stronger

  34. Mom version really needs to happen I would help with what I could with funds if that's what there lacking lol

  35. Oh man… you have absolutely no proof that they are even concidering it. You have just a CLICKBAIT title, and abbility to force your viewers to smash your every button. Shameless.

  36. I'd love an open world action rpg with character creation, skill leveling, a great story, and crazy ass fighting. Think back to the way Spiderman zips around and fights criminals and monsters in the ps3 Web of Shadows game. Something similar could work here.

  37. Tell them to make a game mod of NARUTO rise of a ninja on PS4

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