Naruto Games Are Weird -

Naruto Games Are Weird

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Ranking All Naruto Games. Today we’re looking at the weirdest Naruto Games




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  1. i only like naruto ninja form 4 and shinobi stker

  2. Very nice video! I spent so many hours in Naruto: Ninja Council 1 & 2. I was thirteen and nothing mattered as long as I could control my favorite anime characters. I honestly didn't recognize any of the drawbacks you mentioned back then. Good times 🙂

  3. leave a like if you want super mario maker Naruto edition

  4. I will becoem a game dev and make that dream game for the community no matter how long it takes also i am useing your videos as a guide to the game

  5. We want Naruto fighters game like dbfz FighterZ………………

  6. The first Naurto i played was " Naruto the way of ninja "

  7. Its nothing to do with This but i really want my hero one s Justice 2 but is it still a running game???

  8. The best Naruto games were the ult ninja series for ps 2 disspite the graphics it was fun

  9. I played a naruto and dragon ball z game on my psp before I watched either show.

  10. shinobi striker is officially getting a season 3!!!

  11. Season 3 of Shinobi striker announced!!!!!111

  12. The bleach anime is coming back what do you think the chanses of us getting a new consule bleach game

  13. The Narutimate Accel games were my favourites. The Storm games are shit mechanically.

  14. the hardest Naruto game I first played was Ultimate Ninja Heroes 1 (PSP) with the Sannin boss fight (arghhh I hated and loved those boss fights) LMAO and then the rest was history 😛

  15. I always liked clash of ninja the last one I played was for the wii it was fun

  16. I played worse ha ha .my whole channel ha ha …

  17. Naruto GNT4 is without a doubt the most competitive Naruto game! Check out some of the combo breaker gameplay.

  18. It may just be a problem only I had, but since these episodes aren't numbered or have a theme going on their titles, until I hit this video I didn't know it was a series of videos, and finding the first one was kinda tricky

    I'd just suggest at Lea having numbers in the thumbnails so people that get interested in these videos later on don't get so confused trying to find the order

    That aside, these have been a lot of fun so keep up the good work

  19. The sprites from Ninja Council 2 and onward are still timeless.

  20. One detail I seriously loved on the Clash of Ninja games was Kakashi's Back>A Counter move, not because of how difficult it was to punish, but because of how it actually reflected your opponent's ultimate, causing Kakashi to do the exact same movements as your opponent would have if they managed to land the move. They even went so far as to give Kakashi his own unique inner self whenever he countered Sakura's Ultimate, mirroring her "CHA! Barrage!" Move. That really hammered home that Kakashi was indeed the copycat ninja

  21. I hope he reviews the Wii naruto games.

  22. how u gonna hate on ultimate ninja? it might be the weakest in the ultimate ninja games but its still a great game

  23. do tourneys for clash of ninja 4, it released only in japan as Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 for the gamecube it has even more characters and is pretty fun to play and watch. There is a competitive scene where you can find rules, tech, tier lists and more. Its a fighting game thats easy to pickup but actually pretty in depth once you start playing around with the systems. Mostly timing based mixups rather than high/low or left/right since you can block by not doing anything. Clash of ninja revolution 2 for the Wii is basically the same game but GNT 4 is easy to setup on dolphin.

  24. Damn, maybe it's my nostalgia talking but your rankings are harsh man.

  25. I think including the games you are ranking in the title may help with gaining views. It spoils the suprise but more people would get their interests picked.

  26. Omg I just realized my first Naruto game was Ninja Council 3. I'm scared.

  27. I think Clash of Ninja was misjudged here especially concerning the roster. Clash of Ninja 2 is pretty much the most balanced game of the bunch as once you get to Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3, even characters that receive improvements still pale in comparison to the introduction of newer characters.

    Going back to 2, hardly anyone is actually broken. Gaara is a glass cannon and Kankuro, Neji and Ino have high learning curves but any player can still manage to make the best of their moveset. Rock Lee's Gate of Life is quite possibly the sheer epitome of risk vs reward; in fact, when the damage level is set below 3, it shouldn't even be used at the start of the match. It'll just lead to death. It's very easy to avoid Lee and play keep-away since he is consistently a character that lacks any sort of projectile or ranged attack. This goes for Might Guy as well. Because the block meter wasn't implemented until 3, it's very easy to wait until either Guy or Lee does a move that isn't safe on block/can be sidestepped/has high ending lag then counterattack. Sharingan Sasuke and Kakashi also really aren't that good. In the case of Kakashi, he does receive a lot of different tools, but he's still Kakashi at heart–who has combos that are easy to substitute out of and aren't safe on block at all, a bad basic B combo, and his height can hinder him in some matchups. At least his forward A combo and special jutsu are far more usable compared to normal Kakashi.

    Sharingan Sasuke is honestly less effective than normal Sasuke in combat. Sure he has two powerful jutsu he can use but both cost 100% chakra and you have decide whether or not you want to actually waste that chakra on a jutsu that is timing based and may end up failing to lang every possible hit or reserving it for substitution. Sharingan Sasuke stands out a lot for not only having the worst up A in the game, he has very unsafe combos. The most important issues: His teleport combos reposition him with his back turned to the opponent when near walls…which is obviously not something you would ever want to happen. The fourth B in his moveset makes him do a launching kick similar to the move he stole from Lee. The difference is that Lee can continue his combo even when the launching hit misses or is blocked (Lee's combo is A-B-A-A or B-A-A-A). Sharingan Sasuke must reset to normal stance when his combo fails. During this instance, you cannot move or do anything and are left completely vulnerable, which can cost you greatly. Some of the later Clash of Ninja games are rather broken but Clash of Ninja 2 hardly feels that way.

  28. Can't wait for dragon blade and the COF Revolution games/GNT Special and Ultimate ninja 5

  29. The Clash of ninja series are good, a bloody roar gameplay is so badass.

  30. The Ultimate Ninja and Clash of Ninja games are B or higher. No way they're that low! Ultimate Ninja and Storm are the best series the property ever had. Still enjoyed the video though.

  31. How come nobody talks about "Naruto: The Broken Bond" that game hella nice. The most underrated Naruto game out there.

  32. Played all 3 of these games to death throughout my teens, it was a great time to be a Naruto fan.

  33. If u don’t like ninja council try dragon ball advanced adventure it’s just like ninja council but really good


  35. Clash of Ninja 2 is my childhood, Rock Lee is my favorite character so he's always my main, his "unblockable" justu is actually super easy to avoid, so easy that I never used it against my brother because he would always just avoid it and since it has so much law and it drains your hp I would be at 1% and die to anything, it's actually more balanced than you think 🙂

  36. I got ninja council 2 for Christmas when I was 14 and I literally beat it before dinner that night but I truly enjoyed it a lot even though some parts didn’t make sense to me lol

  37. 6:10 I like how they're literally named "Sasuke with Sharingan" and "Kakashi with Sharingan."

  38. In the first ultimate ninja storm I could not defeat gaara I mean he was tough

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