Im Starting to Believe This is The GREATEST Naruto Game -

Im Starting to Believe This is The GREATEST Naruto Game

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Im Starting to Believe This is The GREATEST Naruto Game. Today we play the sasuke retrieval arc in Naruto broken bond. #Naruto #anime #Narutogames


  1. Easily the greatest naruto game of all time

  2. Love the content. But this game is doodoo water 🤣

  3. Rise of the ninja was is better than this one, although this one has better fighting

  4. a naruto game where it doesn’t follow the story but rather lets your choices directly influence the story would be awesome

  5. Im also starting to believe this channel will only become this content

  6. If they remade this in shippuden or boruto time that would be op

  7. How named this fkng game man nofkng body speak about it but write its best game amkkkk

  8. you know i dont even watch gamer vids like that, but this commentary is life…. sonic jump sounds r hilarious

  9. Im I only person who hate talking in cut scenes?😒

  10. Always wanted to play Broken bond rose of a ninja was heat

  11. These goddamn Fortnite x Naruto ads😭

  12. I always wished after storm 4 started to die down I wanted cc2 made a kakarot styled Naruto game

  13. All I know is shikamaru could NEVER do a shadow stretch like that in the show

  14. It is good. I'm the best at it too…

  15. A game like this but with create a character and open world would be amazing or at least make shinobi striker more like an open world xenoverse

  16. I liked the naruto game that was like final fantasy you could interchange moves there was special weapons and they cpuld do so much with it and it was actually a little challenging

  17. What is kind of this game in naruto?????

  18. I used to play this game as a kid and it was so good best Naruto game of all time! This and NUNS 4 but this one first def

  19. Luke 11:28
    But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”🙌

  20. you would love Naruto to boruto shinobi strikers 🙂

  21. “You acting like you’ve never seen a clone, you have 2 heads” 💀💀💀💀

  22. They should make xenoverse type game but for naurto your new own clan kekkei genki lore rpg elements cac create parities with friends to do missions raids village runs use your imagination etc etc not that hard it would sell the weebs and causals would buy BOOM don't even pay me I'd just play it

  23. This is actually the first I've heard and seen of this game and I would say it's interesting. However I still believe that Uzumaki Chronicles 2 will forever be my favorite outside of the Storm 4.

    I just recently found your videos and I took a quick look but I didn't see any uploads for Uzumaki Chronicles 1 or 2 (2 is better) if you get the chance I would recommend as I enjoyed them a lot!

  24. Curly u should play the new demon slayer game it’s pretty good

  25. Rise of ninja and the sequel broken bond are very fun games and arguably the best naruto games ever made, using both sticks to preform hand signs felt so nice

  26. Sheesh throw back .. I was in middle school when this came out . Loved this game and rise of a ninja . Most original Naruto games for sure

  27. i still play this game today, if anyone wants to play online, add my gamertag 🙂
    GT: Staring

  28. Do you play shinobi striker still I’ve been playing it hard lately

  29. BrIng SAsukE bAcK tO mE bruh she tripin bro it’s like naruto isn’t there ._. Mans eventually gets his arm blown off over this kid and she rly said bring sasuke back to me like they got something :/ mans hates Sakura and I don’t blame him smh

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