All NEW Boruto Characters Ultimate Jutsus & Awakenings - Naruto Storm 4 Next Generations -

All NEW Boruto Characters Ultimate Jutsus & Awakenings – Naruto Storm 4 Next Generations

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This video includes all the NEW Ultimate Jutsus, Costumes & Awakenings that can be obtained from the video game Boruto Characters in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Next Generations the new update! I think it’s great that Bandai Namco decided to release this DLC with these new Boruto Costumes.

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  1. WAIT!!! You can play as Momoshiki and Kinshiki in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4?? I bought the Road to Bort version but I don't have either of them.

  2. Toneri? Where is he? Mitsuki has no ninjutsu. Man this hurts.

  3. I feel like they should add a overpowered illusion technique for the sharingan.

  4. I closed this game but it did not give me Naruto Patarab characters and also Borutos.How did you get it ??

  5. You know what?! I'm going to say the N-word… NARUTO What did Naruto do when the Hokage died? Bereave it! At the beginning of Naruto, the three main characters existed in a 'love square'. Naruto loves Sakura, Sakura loves Sasuke, Sasuke loves nobody, and nobody loves Naruto. Did you hear about the Naruto character who got arrested? He was a Madara.

  6. note: boruto used the scientific ninja tool so hes cheating

  7. Sauske and naruto: sauske lets do this!
    Earth: bruh come on not again

  8. Naruto fans: all the girls in the series are worthles
    Kayuka Okusuki: ok then, let me just turn into the ten tails, my weakest feature.

  9. Imagine if metal lee got nervous in the 8 inner gates and just died

  10. 4:37 aquele sorriso do Naruto e Boruto juntos que me emociona :'3

  11. Lmao, the way that the meteorites are forming around Saske is the same way the Orbs Of Truth are forming around Naruto in Kyubi chakra mode with Six Path on. My boi Saske was jealous xD

  12. Imagine adult naruto fighting haku and zabuza😭😭

  13. I am a girl and I love this game me and my dad play that game

  14. Do u have to do story mode to get those characters

  15. Ino is always gonna be stuck with that lame ass flower kick 😭

  16. wow i forgot how kiddy sarada and boruto sound in the dub version ;-;

  17. Naruto really came along way lol 5k shadow clone barrage

  18. sasuke's jutsus are so clear of every genshin impact character. i love this sm

  19. Meh… Flashy flashy flash flash flashy flash flash flashy flash.

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