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About This Naruto Game…

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Let’s check out Rise of Shinobi, an Open World Naruto fan game, made by Chaank!

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  1. Checkout Shinobi era. Its a fun one.

  2. Waiting for a one piece to get this same treatment.

  3. I'm gonna be annoyed if something awesome like this gets shut down, when they're not making new Naruto/Boruto games. :/

  4. I've Played this game before , It's better than I expected

  5. Is Globku trying to get this game shut down? Lol

  6. Have u heard of Shinobi era it’s literally what we need it’s still in development but there’s alpha u can join its multiplayer and fight online

  7. You should definitly check out Shinobi Era is so lit

  8. They shouldn't be able to sue if it isn't being sold

  9. Namco would make way more money buying this guy's work and just polishing it themselves. It makes no sense to try and sue him for peanuts

  10. I like how the double jump doesn't give much extra height but a lot of extra distance. Kind of makes sense for ninja that can run on walls

  11. Hey everyone, I am a young developer in high school who is working with a couple of friends to make a Bleach action fighter for PC. We are including elements from One Piece Pirate Warriors where during the story mode there are tons of enemies where you just have to destroy them with skills from Bleach characters as well as 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 battles with enemies like Naruto Storm 4 and One Piece Burning Blood. We are working on adding online connectivity but we plan to release it soon!. With all that being said we are looking for beta testers to try the game out and look for any potential bugs as well as tell us the overall experience. If everything goes good we would like to have the game out early next year. Our current plans for updates are
    Fullbring arc (story mode and character/costume expansion). Summer 2022 Free update!
    TYBW Arc (Story mode, character/costume expansion) Winter 2022 Paid expansion!
    Online functionality. A few days after release
    60 Fps update. Summer 2022

    As far as game modes we will have the classic fighter game modes
    Vs 1on1
    Vs 2on2
    Story mode
    Tournament vs CPU
    And much more in the future

    We do also plan on releasing character costume packs for holidays and what not and then we would like to have 2 VERY BIG expansions
    The CFYOW spinoff
    The SAFWY spinoff
    These are series that continue the bleach stories with some new characters as well as the orginal.
    These will be paid for expansions you will have to buy as they will not release with the base game.
    Reply back as our spots are limited.

  12. A naruto game I want would be like shinobi striker but instead of online pvp an online open world with pvp

  13. The corporation will take his ideas and then sue him.

  14. Bandai gets mad when you get stuff you actually want 😂😂😂 that says a lot

  15. Yeah… Toei is vicious. I hope they don't eat this game. Lol

  16. The map is from naruto ninja storm 1 but better graphics and they added features as well
    But the game looks sick

  17. as a youtuber and a man capable. you should tell all of these solo fan game devs to work together on a group made masterpiece

  18. welp, its gonna get taken down forsure now.
    its a fun game, but soooo many glitches lol… i can light attack, then heavy attack. and then my light attacks dont work until i register the game. half t he jutsus dont work, and it crashes a lot.. great idea and id love to see it officially happen.

  19. I'm pretty sure the konoha is taken from naruto ultimate storm 1

    Edit: Just went back and checked and it is

  20. If bandai supports this instead of shutting it down then they can legit relax with Naruto games for a lifetime lmao literally.

  21. This us a game that we need just an online game where we can multiplay and do missions and explore

  22. Ok but why are you snitching? Wtf globku

  23. You would think in the state of AAA gaming, Bandai would hire the creators for some of the fan made games that actually show potential

  24. in order for this to even be worth the time spent you need a good foundation just having a fully functional 1:1 Konohagure filled with life should be the first step not the whole world, cause with a project of this size I'm almost sure the dev is feeling scope creep and hopefully they figure it out

  25. maybe he could take like inspirations from shindo another naruto fangame its on roblox but the chakra the fighting the training all that added into this with pvp would be crazy

  26. Fuck man I got Back into fortnite just too late to see konoha 😭

  27. i was the first to premote a open world naruto game , freeroam etc 2017 and 18 then you premoted your fan made naruto game im just sore that we dont get to play these games at there full potential and i have like a insight vision on mines so its like i tested it at its full potential but i cant actually play it , its to much to just get all the graphics , skills , character and actions so its like super unfinsh and could mentally play like one part of it and thats a actions combo from a character , im not going to lie it feels worth it because im making it but at the sametime id need more than a combo to play

  28. All we want is a naruto game that involves skill "true skill based on the amount of practice the person puts into the character and the game " not cheap bs, not dlc do it for free wins. when they actually make that the foundation of the game then I'll play.

  29. damn sasuke model look so good in that game.change my mind.

  30. Is there anyone in comment section who can tell me if you can legaly make games like this without a licence if you're not geting profit? If you describe it as a fan project and allow people to download it for free? I'm thinkoing about making DBZ rpg but Im a little afraid 😀

  31. Why the hell would you call all the legal shit out. If it goes unnoticed it goes unpunished. By not acting on the copyright you give precedent for others to use it. You yourself are giving a lawyer ammunition to damage him. Where as had ya kept alot of those tidbits silent, Bandai namco would not have to fear the CP getting walked on

  32. I would die for a good open world multiplayer Naruto game

  33. Bandai really should look into contracting some of these people to be lead developers/directors/designers for fan-based game concepts. Reward your community with a chance to work for/build a relationship with your company and help make more awesome games (and more money for your business)

  34. This just looks like ninja storm 1 idk why they got rid of the free roam it was fun just running around

  35. It will be cancelled after this video 🤣

  36. The developer should make a backup and continue because this is looking like the best naruto game because of the realistic villages, the free travel and the character design 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Imagine if Rockstar made a open world Naruto game

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